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Highway Agency - Street Lighting

Highway Agency - Street Lighting
The Highways Agency is responsible for operating, maintaining and improving the strategic road network in England.  In 2008, the maintenance contractor for Area 14, which encompasses the North East of England, embarked on an energy savings initiative for the A1(M).Introduced to Metrolight via distribution partner, John Wilkinson Ltd., the Highways Agency was able to realize 43% energy savings utilizing the dimming capability of Metrolight’s solution and reduce maintenance costs by an incredible 60%.
Energy Savings - 43%
Lamp Power - Reduced from 250w to 200w
Maintenance Costs - Reduction of 60%
Annual CO2 Saved - 2,607 metric tons
Simple Payback Period - 3.9 years
Total Annual Saving - £57,600
Download Highway Agency - Street Lighting Case Study PDF