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Press Releases

Metrolight enters in Commercial Distribution Agreement with Greenearth Energy Efficiency

Sep. 30, 2010

Greenearth Energy Limited (ASX:GER) is pleased to announce the establishment of a 100% wholly owned subsidiary, Greenearth Energy Efficiency Pty Ltd (Greenearth Energy Efficiency).
Greenearth Energy Efficiency has been created to deliver energy efficiency solutions to the Australian market and wider Pacific Rim. The first energy efficiency solution will be the introduction of industrial and commercial lighting efficiency systems. Greenearth Energy Efficiency will offer a complete solutions approach to implementing energy efficiency solutions including project management, custom installation and a range of lighting efficiency measures. Greenearth Energy Efficiency is seeking to achieve a range of energy savings for Australian industry as well as assisting in the reduction of emissions.
A vital element in the development of Greenearth Energy Efficiency is the partnership established with Israeli based Metrolight Limited (Metrolight).
Greenearth Energy and Metrolight have entered into a Commercial Distribution Agreement which establishes Greenearth Energy Efficiency as an authorised distributor of its lighting efficiency products throughout Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, selected Asian markets and the wider Pacific Rim.
The target sectors which will benefit from the energy efficiency solutions Greenearth Energy Efficiency can provide are the commercial, industrial, manufacturing and street lighting sectors.
Metrolight is the leading manufacturer of smart HID energy efficient lighting solutions. Established in 1996, Metrolight has over 500,000 systems installed worldwide across a wide range of applications to date, accumulating over 2 Billion operating hours.
With operations in 15 countries, over 50 business partners worldwide and 6 patents in 25 countries, Metrolight lighting solutions deliver more light for less money while reducing environmental impacts.
Greenearth Energy Efficiency with the assistance of Metrolight have conducted a successful trial in a NSW based warehouse, which has highlighted the benefits achieved from the Metrolight products and the suitability of the Metrolight products to the Australian environment.
When implemented as part of a custom systematic approach to lighting services, the following benefits can be achieved:
  • Energy savings: Up to 65% energy savings & CO2 reduction
  • Operating cost savings: Up to x2 lamp life - 50% reduction of re-lamping costs
  • Increased control: 100% flexibility with sophisticated lighting controls
  • Individual lighting plans: Customised to deliver maximum results
  • Improved lighting quality: While delivering substantial energy savings
  • Australian Standards Compliant
Chief Executive Officer of Metrolight Zvi Segal said; "The Australian and wider Pacific Rim markets have always been of interest to Metrolight. We are delighted to be entering into this partnership with Greenearth Energy Efficiency and by collaborating with Greenearth Energy we are able to offer our field proven, smart HID energy efficient lighting solutions to the various market sectors, providing them with dramatic energy savings, lowered maintenance costs, extended lamp life and advanced control".
Managing Director of Greenearth Energy Mark Miller said; "We are delighted to have established a mutually beneficial partnership with a leading edge manufacturer who possess a range of products which can make a substantial impact on Australian Industry's energy efficiency and competitiveness as well as make a meaningful impact on the environment. This strategic move underpins our objectives to deliver our core geothermal energy projects in the Australian market and wider Pacific Rim while at the same time establishing aligned and complementary technologies in the broader renewable and energy efficiency sectors".
For more information, please contact Mark Miller on (03) 9620 7299
Mark Miller
Managing Director
Greenearth Energy Limited
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