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Case Studies

Fry's Electronics Chain Store - Retail Fry's Electronics Chain Store - Retail
Type: Retail
After several years of research and testing numerous lighting technologies, Fry's Electronics decides to implement Metrolight's energy efficiency solutions for high-power lighting.
BauMax DIY - Retail BauMax DIY - Retail
Type: Retail
BauMax implements Metrolight’s energy saving solution as part of its commitment to reduce global carbon footprint and achieves 40% energy savings.
BevMo! - Retail BevMo! - Retail
Type: Retail
BevMo! implements the Metrolight energy saving solution, realizing savings of 51%, while at the same time reducing their maintenance costs and enabling them to utilize utility rebates.
Hornbach DIY - Retail Hornbach DIY - Retail
Type: Retail
Hornbach moves to Metrolight’s solution to increase the quality of lighting, significantly raise energy efficiency of its lighting system, and have flexible internet-based lighting control.
TE Connectivity - Industrial TE Connectivity - Industrial
Type: Industrial
TE Connectivity is a global company that designs and manufacturs electronic components. TE Connectivity wanted to cut operational expenses using a "green" lighting solution.
Oregon Iron Works - Industrial Oregon Iron Works - Industrial
Type: Industrial
Oregon Iron Works replaced 1000w Metal Halide High Bays with Metrolight’s 450w retrofit solution and while increasing light levels and reducing energy costs by 26%.
AB&I Foundry - Industrial AB&I Foundry - Industrial
Type: Industrial
Metrolight’s technology was chosen to improve the efficiency of the lighting system and deliver energy savings resulting in a 60% annual reduction in kWh consumption.
Carlsberg - Industrial Carlsberg - Industrial
Type: Industrial
Metrolight provided Carlsberg’s Ashkelon factory with a retrofit solution that realized energy savings of 46% without compromising light output.
Knudtsen Chevrolet - Auto Dealership Knudtsen Chevrolet - Auto Dealership
Type: Auto Dealerships & Parking Lots
Knudtsen Chevrolet retrofits a 1000w system with Metrolight’s 450w EcoBOX retrofit solution and achieves 65% energy savings without compromising on light levels.
Sundance Plaza - Parking Lot Sundance Plaza - Parking Lot
Type: Auto Dealerships & Parking Lots
Sundance Plaza is one of the first locations to implement Metrolight’s 1000W SmartHID™ Retrofit Rebate Program. Lamp power in the parking lot was reduced from 1000 to 400W without compromising light levels.
Stop & Shop - Parking Lots Stop & Shop - Parking Lots
Type: Auto Dealerships & Parking Lots
Stop & Shop were long looking for an energy efficient solution for their parking lot lighitng. Metrolight's solution was implemented as an answer to this challenge and realized energy savings of 57%
Lithia Motors - Auto Dealerships Lithia Motors - Auto Dealerships
Type: Auto Dealerships & Parking Lots
Lithia Motors reduced 60% of its lighting energy consumption through Metrolight's solution which delivered superior light quality and improved lighting aesthetics of the dealership.
George Gee Automotive - Auto Dealerships George Gee Automotive - Auto Dealerships
Type: Auto Dealerships & Parking Lots
George Gee Automotive retrofitted their 1000W and 400W Metal Halide floodlights with Metrolight's electronic HID solution which maintained light levels for longer, realized energy savings of 66%, and significantly reduced maintenance costs.
Cabral - Auto Dealership Cabral - Auto Dealership
Type: Auto Dealerships & Parking Lots
Cabral auto dealership's main goal was to reduce energy costs. By implementing Metrolight's energy efficient lighting solution, Cabral was able to realize energy savings of 57%.
University of Santa Monica University of Santa Monica
Type: Logistics & Warehousing
Metrolight retrofitted the existing fluorescent lights with high power high bay LED fixtures, fully digitally controlled.
UK Supermarket Group - Cold Storage UK Supermarket Group - Cold Storage
Type: Logistics & Warehousing
One of the UK’s largest supermarket groups implements Metrolight’s technology in their distribution center and realizes energy savings of 49%.
Carrefour Le Rheu Logistics Center Carrefour Le Rheu Logistics Center
Type: Logistics & Warehousing
Carrefour modernizes their lighting system with Metrolight's energy efficient lighting solution and realizes energy savings of 44%. The solution easily met other requirements set by Carrefour.
Highway Agency - Street Lighting Highway Agency - Street Lighting
Type: Urban & Street Lighting
The Highways Agency was able to realize 43% energy savings on the A1(M) through Metrolight’s dimming enabled solution and reduce maintenance costs by an incredible 60%.
WestFerry Circus - Street Lighting WestFerry Circus - Street Lighting
Type: Urban & Street Lighting
The London Borough of Tower Hamlets council was determined to introduce energy saving lighting solutions to the underground roundabout while at the same time, improve the light quality.
Holon Municipality - Street Lighting Holon Municipality - Street Lighting
Type: Urban & Street Lighting
The City of Holon embarked on an energy savings program, prompting the city's lighting manager to explore energy-efficient street lighting solutions.
LUKOIL - Gas Station LUKOIL - Gas Station
Type: Gas Stations
LUKOIL retrofits their canopy and pole lighting reusing their existing fixtures, reducing energy costs and lamp power while maintaining lighting optics and performance.
Flying K - Gas Station Flying K - Gas Station
Type: Gas Stations
Flying K retrofits their gas station’s canopy lighting. Lamp power was reduced, light levels increased and significant energy savings were realized.